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Art Policy:

On-Site Use:

Q: Can I sell designs I make on your makers/linearts for points?
A: No. No currency is to be made using my art, virtual or real. Free adoptables only. If that upsets you, please find a new template.

Q: Can I repost/reupload your art?
A: No, my work is not to be resposted anywhere on DA. The sole exception to this is if you have commissioned a piece from me, then you can upload it yourself if you wish. But that is the ONLY time I will allow it.

Q: Can I trace your art?
A: No.

Q: Can I heavily reference your art/recreate it with my own character?
A: I would strongly, strongly prefer if you didn't.

Q: Can I loosely reference your art?
A: Again I'd prefer if you didn't, but if you really must just make sure to provide credit to me.

Q: Can I edit your art and re-upload it?
A: Absolutely not.

Q: Can I edit your linearts?
A: As long as you do not post them for public use, yes. Just keep my signature on.

Q: Can I use your lineart?
A: If it is one of my free linearts, yes, there's no need to ask, just keep my signature on and if possible link back to my page.

Q: I found someone who's traced/reposted/edited/ your art and uploaded it.
A: Please inform me in a note so I can report them.

Off-Site Use:

Q: Can I repost your images on a different website?
A: No, unless you happened to commission the picture.

Q: Can I repost colored linearts/makers on a different website?
A: As long as you link back to my DA, yes.

Q: Can I use your art for characters on an RPG/blog/etc?
A: No.

Q: I want to share your art, can I post it with a link back?
A: No, please do not repost my art.

Q: Can I sell your work for currency on Furry Paws/Furcadia/etc?
A: No.

Personal Use:

Q: Can I print out your art?
A: If you want, yeah. Just don't sell it or anything.

Q: Can I use your art as my desktop background/save your images to my computer?
A: If it's for strictly personal use, that's fine.

Q: Can I trace/reference/color your art if I don't upload it anywhere?
A: I strongly discourage it, but I also consent that I can't control what you do on your own time. If you want to spend some time fussing with my art in private, you do what you want. Just do not upload it anywhere.


Q: Where else can I find your art?
A: I will occasionally post work on my Tumblr or YouTube accounts, as well as my FurAffinity. The majority of my work is cross-posted if you're really worried about missing anything (you're not).

Q: What do you use to draw?
A: I use Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop CS5 for almost all my digital artwork, and I draw with a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet. I have a Macbook Pro laptop.

Q: Are you studying/working with art?
A: Yes, I am an Animation major at my college.

Q: Do you take commissions?
A: Please follow the related link on top of my journal to see my commission status.

Q: Can you draw me something/enter my contest/do a trade with me?
A: Unless otherwise stated, requests are always closed and my art trades are very selective. I mean no offense by it, I just have very limited time and when I do accept, I want to make sure I'm getting an equal return from it.

Q: Why aren't you more active?
A: I am a full-time student with extracurriculars, friends, hobbies, and health problems that often require my full attention. While I enjoy doing personal art, it's very low on my list of life priorities. If you don't see me posting for a while, I'm not dead or disappeared, I'm just busy.

Q: I left you a comment and you didn't respond to it!
A: Sorry. I get a lot of comments, and many times I'll forget to reply or accidentally delete them. If you had something really important you need me to respond to, send it to me in a note.

Q: Can I have your IM/Skype username?
A: Sorry, no. I have pretty severe social anxiety and I will only give that information out to people I am very close friends with.
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